yanagi sashimi knife

yanagi sashimi knife

Sashimi is a famous Japanese meal prepare in every formal dining gathering. It is composed of raw fish. These raw fish can be salmon, tuna, mackerel, fatty tuna, puffer fish, whale meat, sea urchin and seafood. Sashimi is serving with a garnish and dipped into a sauce. The sashimi is cut into thin slices using the kitchen knives. The meat needs to be cut in smooth, shiny and fine pieces. The most commonly used knife in cutting sashimi meat is yanagi sashimi knife.

Yanagi sashimi knife is often called yanagi-ba it is a japanese kitchen knife use to slice raw fish or meat. The yanagi sashimi knife is very famous and most commonly used for making homemade sashimi. Yanagi sashimi knife has specific qualities that made it unique from other knives. It’s long and thin blade is perfect for cutting the meat or raw fish without interrupted strokes, to preserve the meat’s freshness and quality. Other characteristic of yanagi sashimi knife is that its blade is only sharp on one edge while the other edge is scope out. The blade of yanagi sashimi knife is made of two different steel, form perfectly. Its blade comes in different sizes and handles comes in different variety as well. A yanagi sashimi knife is one great knife used in making sashimi. A delicious sashimi is of course made from a very sharp knife. Sashimi should be cut perfectly and firmly.

Yanagi sashimi knife is equivalent to a western kitchen knife. The kitchen knife is using a push and cut technique while the yanagi knife is using a pull and cut technique. The yanagi sashimi knife is perfect for dicing as well, due to its long thin blade. It’s perfect in cutting sushi rolls, vegetables, slicing meat and making garnish. The yanagi sashimi knife can easily be sharpened due to its flat back blade shape. Using yanagi sashimi knife will only requires you to use small force as its blade is to sharp and precise. In my opinion as an aspiring cook, I would prefer to use yanagi sashimi knife for cutting and slicing the meat. Using it would make the work much lesser and easier. It is very nice to eat a sashimi if it is cut perfectly. That’s why, preparing a sashimi is very critical for the customers and consumers.