what is sushi sashimi

what is sushi sashimi

A sushi is a Japanese food made up of vinegared rice and on top of the rice is raw fish. This is one of the popular dishes of Japan. When people hear sushi they can easily recognize that it is a Japanese cuisine what is sushi sashimi people would probably ask since this two dishes are very famous in Japan and at the same time in different areas of the world.

Some people might wonder and can ask question what is sushi sashimi kind of food especially those people who hasn’t tried to eat sushi and sashimi. These dishes are one of the famous dishes in Japan. The sashimi is a raw meat made up of a raw fish and sometimes Japanese chefs use chicken, horse and even frog meat.

To the people in Japan they would definitely know what is sushi sashimi since it is their food and most of the time they eat this kind of dishes but for those people not in Japan they might get curious about the sushi and sashimi. The two dishes should not be interchange since they not the same they sounds they sounds they but they have different preparation.

Although these two dishes is a Japanese cuisine the sashimi is much different from sushi. Sashimi is raw while sushi is not raw. Many might wonder what is sushi sashimi makes unique that most of the people love to order this food not only Japanese people but also other nationality make fun to eat sashimi and sushi in fact there are many Japanese restaurants open in their country.

The sushi is made up of sushi rice flavoured with vinegared rice with sashimi it can serve with rice but in separate dish not included in the ingredients. One of the reasons choose these dishes because it is a great help in losing their weight and at the same time they able to get vitamins from its ingredients knowing that seafood meat is rich in protein.