what is sushi and sashimi

what is sushi and sashimi

The sushi and sashimi are both Japanese cuisine. These two dishes invaded different countries and many people are amaze with their taste because it’s unique and has a creative design. There are other people gets confuse and wonder what is sushi and sashimi dish. With sushi there is rice flavored with vinegar but with sashimi it simply meat.

The two dishes sound similar but they alike. They have different presentation and characteristics. If you are a first timer eating a sushi and sashimi you better make a research what is sushi and sashimi on how they differ with each other. It’s normal reaction to ask what the ingredients of this food are and which is more delicious the sushi or the sashimi.

There are different kinds of sushi the maki sushi that is being rolled by seaweed together with rice and other fruit ingredients. This is one of the popular sushi that most people easily recognize. Another one is nigiri sushi it is a kind of sushi that on top of the flavored rice is a raw fish meat. If your mother will ask what sushi is and sashimi better bring her to a restaurant and let her try the best sushi and sashimi in town.

With sashimi you cannot see meat as part of the ingredients it is purely meat and other raw side dishes to make it more tasteful better dip it in a soy sauce with wasabi paste. If you have tries the two dishes if someone will ask you what is sushi and sashimi you can now answer their question because you already experience the delicious taste of sushi and sashimi.

It is important that you can able to try sushi and sashimi so that it’s much easier for you to determine the differences of the two dishes. Both dishes can use chopsticks but its best with sushi to use hands in eating because you will surely enjoyed it.