what is sashimi

what is sashimi

What is sashimi? Sashimi is a dish form Japan that must be eaten raw. Many people have been asking what is sashimi. Sashimi is a Japanese cuisine came from authentic ingredients. This kind of food is unusual if you compare it to other kind of food. Normally if you want to eat seafood you go for well cooked because it was the belief of many people that any preparation of food it should be well cooks.

Sashimi becomes trend is so many countries. Many people get interested to try this kind if Japanese dish and curious about what is sashimi. They were keeping on asking what is sashimi and where can they eat sashimi even if they are not from Japan. But now sashimi is not only selling in Japan but today there are so many Japanese restaurants are open in western countries.

Sashimi is made by raw seafood and a thinly slice for preparing. Sashimi is a special kind of food in Japan wherein some people questions the safety of sashimi. Sashimi is eaten raw and raw foods contain high risk for human’s body. Japanese prove to all people that they can prepare a delicious food out from raw seafood.

What makes sashimi unique is that sashimi has a distinct taste that you cannot found other dishes. The preparation take time since the fish need to be freeze in longer hours to make sure the bacteria and parasites of the skin of the fish will die. Contamination is one of the problems of eating raw food. Sashimi takes longer time for the preparation but despite that it worth the wait when you taste it. It’s better to wait longer as long as it’s delicious and gives satisfaction to the all customers. What is sashimi to non Japanese people? Some non Japanese people assume that sashimi is sushi which is wrong because sushi and sashimi are two different Japanese foods.