what is sashimi and nigiri

what is sashimi and nigiri

The Japanese cuisine is one of the popular cuisines on the world it is because in Japan you can able to find the best chefs. Most of them are well experienced and has a talent in cooking. One of their best dishes is the sashimi and the nigiri. For those people who are not familiar with Japanese dishes they would definitely ask what is sashimi and nigiri.

The sashimi is a Japanese cuisine and it will be eaten raw. All of its ingredients are raw one of its major ingredients are seafood meat like tuna, salmon, shrimp, crabs and others. People might wonder what is sashimi and nigiri these two dishes are both delicious but they are different in ingredients use. The nigiri is a kind of sushi.

The nigiri is one of the kinds of sushi that is made of vinegared rice and on top on it is a raw fish. The rice of the nigiri is Japanese rice that has flavoured of vinegar. People should not be confused of what is sashimi and nigiri because the sashimi has no rice while in nigiri the rice is one of the major ingredients. The sashimi can be eaten with rice but eaten separately.

Always remember that sashimi is different from nigiri if you are not sure what is sashimi and nigiri. They are both Japanese creation and prepared in a different ingredients. The Japanese eat rice that is why there some of their dishes made from rice like the nigiri. The fish on top of nigiri is either raw or cooked unlike with sashimi it is always raw.

Eating raw food in Japan is safe. There is no problem in eating raw dishes in Japanese restaurants because they are sure that of what they are doing like the ingredients and the procedure. Raw dishes are difficult to prepare since the meat needs to be fresh to avoid problems but they are expert on it. The sashimi for instance is one of their best creations.