unagi sashimi

unagi sashimi

The Japanese has a famous dish name sashimi. A sashimi is a kind of dish that should be eaten raw. Most of the time it’s main ingredients is a seafood meat like fish. The Japanese chefs used different types of fish for the preparation of sashimi. Another type of sashimi is the unagi sashimi this is a kind of sashimi that comes from the meat of the Japanese eel came from freshwater.

The Japanese cuisine could not be complete without this unagi sashimi. Many people find this kind of sashimi delicious and one of kind taste. The unagi a freshwater eel plays an important role in every Japanese cuisine because they find the skin and meat of the eel good to for creating best cuisine. Since sashimi is raw the unagi will be prepared raw together with other side dishes.

One of the reasons Japanese prepared unagi sashimi it is because unagi is very popular in Japan and many people would love to eat and some will request it in a restaurant for them to eat unagi. The unagi in a sashimi way is very saleable during summer. For those people who love to eat freshwater eel they will go in a Japanese restaurant and dine it.

The unagi sashimi is a very healthy food it is not only delicious but at the same time it contains vitamins that are very necessary in the body. Those vitamins like calcium, protein and others. That is why it is very in demand in Japan. Many Japanese restaurants serve unagi in other dishes aside from sashimi so that the customers have many options.

The freshwater eel will be breed before it will ready for preparing food. A raw food is a very critical food because a raw meat is prone to any bacteria that will attack in the skin or even in the meat of unagi. The Japanese chefs will perform a standard procedure in preparing all of their dishes that have a raw meat to avoid problem in health.