types sushi

types sushi

The sushi is one of famous dishes in Japan although sushi didn’t originate in Japan but they already adopt this food. There so many types sushi that people might confuse what they will order every time they will visit Japanese restaurants. There are some restaurants they name their restaurant from sushi because sushi is also very popular in some other parts of the world.

The maguro nigiri is one of types sushi that made up of vinegared rice and on top on it is a raw fish. The fish on top of maguro nigiri is tuna. The kappa maki is good for that person who loves to eat cucumber it rolled with rice and the cucumber is on the centre. A lot of people prefer to eat this kind of sushi because it is delicious and healthy.

Another types sushi is the sake nigiri wherein on top of the vinegared rice is a salmon fish. The salmon is one of the largest fish in the ocean. It contains high protein which needed in the body. The nigiri sushi is needed to have Japanese rice flavoured with vinegar it would really add the taste of sake nigiri. The amaebi is also one of the ingredients of sushi.

The types sushi will also depend on what types of meat you are using. To all Japanese cuisine the sushi is more popular to western people. It is known dish that will lose weight but at the same like other meal there should be a moderation in eating this kind of dish. Many Japanese restaurants make sushi as their specialty.

There are many kinds of sushi and most of this really tastes good. Many people love the taste of sushi because their ingredient fits to all people. The Japanese chef innovated sushi that is why it seems that sushi came from Japan although not but then Japanese able to make sushi very delicious.