types of sashimi

types of sashimi

There so many types of sashimi. Sashimi is not only one type but it has a lot of varieties that people might choose. Japanese restaurants prepared a lot of types of sashimi for their customers. One of the types of sashimi is the lobster sashimi this is a kind of sashimi with a different kind of meat. Lobster is high quality seafood.

Other types of sashimi are the yellowtail sashimi. This type of sashimi has a fatty meat. The meat of the yellowtail meat is very good for sashimi. Yellowtail fish from the name itself the tail is coloured yellow and the meat of the yellowtail and the skin is suitable for sashimi. Many customers love to order Yellowtail sashimi. This is one of their best choices.

Bonito sashimi is other types of sashimi wherein this type of fish is rarely caught. Bonito is rarely caught in the ocean. This kind of fish is called seasonal fish. Bonito sashimi is one of the expensive kinds of sashimi because the meat of the bonito is not always caught in the ocean. Normally sashimi uses high quality kind of fish. Bonito sashimi is a type of sashimi that people always looking for.

For most Japanese sashimi is a very kind of fish. Sashimi is very popular in Japan. All types of sashimi in Japan are saleable. Different types of sashimi have different kinds of meat uses. It is important to remember that sashimi is eaten raw and it has to be prepared raw. There’s no cooking sashimi. All types of sashimi are raw. If the dish serve well cook definitely it is not sashimi it might be other Japanese cuisine like sushi.

Other types of sashimi like scallops, shrimp and even chicken sashimi Japanese make sure that it’s well prepares and safe from any bacteria and parasites that will cause danger to man’s body. It is very important that all types of sashimi have is safe and delicious.