tuna sashimi recipes

tuna sashimi recipes

The sashimi is a raw meat that is thinly sliced and its slice may also be thick it will depend on the chef in charge. The recipe of sashimi is simple and some food handlers customize the ingredients and mix it with other ingredients which are not usual ingredients with sashimi. In tuna sashimi recipes it’s important that you need to choose the best tuna, fresh and with high quality.

There are different kinds of tuna so there are different ingredients of tuna. The basic tuna sashimi recipes the basic ingredients are ginger, black pepper, olive oil, soy sauce, lime sauce and the most important is the fresh tuna. It garnishes with peanut, avocado, tomato and other garnish depends on the chef. The measurement of the ingredients ½ and ¾ and it also depends on how many tuna sashimi you want to prepare.

Prepare a big bowl and ready to arrange all necessary ingredients. It is also important to slice the tuna proportionately either thin or thick. It is very important that the slice is balance so better use a knife suited for slicing sashimi fish. Stir the lime juice soy sauce and pepper. Simply put the ingredient in the bowl and arrange it properly to look attractive.

The tuna sashimi recipes has an easy procedure to follow the only thing is just know the basic ingredients and be artistic in preparing the plate presentation. Make sure that all ingredients are all wash and clean to avoid problems especially health problems. A tuna sashimi is one of the choices of many people because the tuna meat is juicy and delicious.

It is easy to find the tuna sashimi recipes you can check it through internet or in cooking book. The restaurant chefs have techniques with their sashimi recipes to make it very flavourful.