toro sashimi

toro sashimi

Toro is a special kind tuna used for making sashimi and sushi. Toro is perfect for sashimi because the meat is too fat and fresh. It is choosing a tuna for sashimi it should be hundred percent high qualities. Japanese cuisine usually used Toro meat for sashimi. Toro sashimi is known to be very delicious. Japanese are very strict in making sashimi coz they should see to eat all their sashimi is delicious.

The texture of Toro has a fatty and the colour is pale pink. Toro is seldom selling outside in Japan. Blue fin tuna can be sold in Japan market and this kind of fish has a higher price because of its quality. Toro sashimi is a special kind of sashimi. Japanese people Toro is one of their favourite sashimi. Toro sashimi has somewhat expensive but still many customers will love to order this kind of sashimi.

Toro is best eaten raw its qualities really fits for sashimi. Sashimi is a dish in Japan and known to be eaten raw. Most Japanese loves to eat raw and Japanese able to influence to western countries to eat raw because in raw food you can determine the real taste of the food. Toro is a fat from the belly of the blue fin tuna. Most of the time blue fin has a limited supply because of high demand of these kinds of fish.

Blue fin considered as to be the highest quality of tuna in Japan. Since blue fin is just limited so Toro sashimi would increase its price. Japanese always look for the high quality of food. The ingredients of their food has been properly monitored and before they serve to their customers they would make sure that the dish is delicious not only on the presentation of the dish but when you taste it you can probably feel the satisfaction.

The colour of the Toro is somewhat pale pink and white. Toro sashimi is being sliced in a different ways. The slice of the Toro sashimi depends on how the chefs arrange the ingredients in the plate. The highest demand makes Toro sashimi mire popular.