tilapia sashimi

tilapia sashimi

Some people are saying that tilapia sashimi is not a good sashimi, I mean tilapia is a cheap fish and is available in local markets. Even if there is a tilapia grade sashimi, some are saying that tilapia is really not good for sashimi or even for sushi. But still there are some people that are saying that tilapia sashimi are delicious but for some, they simply would like to prefer other types of sashimi rather than tilapia sashimi because it is cheap and its taste is not highly appreciated by the public. Tilapia sashimi fish may be quite complicated to make because of its meat is a little tough to handle.

There are only a few restaurants that are serving tilapia sashimi. It is not one of those types of sashimi that are very common and very popular in Japanese restaurants. The reason is that most people would prefer other types of sashimi like tuna and salmon sashimi because these fishes are not that cheap compared to tilapia. Meaning tilapia sashimi are low grade sashimi even if its meat is sashimi grade, still some people would want to prefer different type of sashimi than a tilapia sashimi.

Is tilapia sashimi really that bad? I think based on the reviews, it is not that bad but it is not that good either. Meaning it is just an average type of sashimi but if you really want to experience exquisite sashimi then I guess you need to choose different type of sashimi. I can’t say that tilapia sashimi is an underrated type of sashimi but if you really would want to experience a different taste and a delicious sashimi then you should pick a different type of sashimi rather than a tilapia sashimi.

In my own opinion, tilapia sashimi is just very affordable since it is available in almost every local market especially in Asia. Tilapia is a popular fish among third world countries and I think it is one of the reasons why it is not the perfect choice by people who would love to eat sashimi and experience an exquisite Japanese dining experience.