thin sliced raw beef japanese

thin sliced raw beef japanese

There is other method in preparing Japanese food you should know. As you know, there are a lot of methods in preparing Japanese food but raw food is the best one. The tataki beef is raw food same with sashimi that it will be slice thinly. Beef are very delicious food and it is very juicy and meaty. Raw beef will be dipped in a soy sauce. The raw beef is another Japanese food. The meat of the raw beef is juicy and the soy sauce is salty. In Japan eating raw meat is not new to them.

Most of the specialties made by the Japanese are raw food. Like with sashimi a seafood will be sliced a thin way put it a bowl and dip it a soy sauce and a wasabi paste. Seafood is very familiar in Japan to be eaten raw but there’s also another ingredients in eating raw food. The beef can also be eaten raw. Slice the raw beef thinly prepare other necessary ingredients and simply put the slice raw beef in the bowl and prepare a dipping sauce that fits for the beef.

The raw beef should be marinated not like in sashimi that no needs to marinate in preparing the sashimi food. Through marinate the beef will have its taste more flavourful and delicious. It also needs onion and garlic for the ingredients. Japanese enjoyed creating different authentic dishes and make food possible to eat that many people not normally do in cooking.

The thin slice raw beef should also have a proper preparation of the food like other normal Japanese food it need check the meat every now and then to avoid contamination. Normally after the food being marinated it will ready for deep fry or for any kind of cooking but in this kind of Japanese method no need cooking only marinated beef needed. Once the raw beef being marinated it will help the meat become more soft and juicy.