tamago sashimi

tamago sashimi

The sashimi is a Japanese food and it originated in Japan. The Japanese are expert in creating a meal that will bring extraordinary to the taste of many people another types of sashimi is the tamago sashimi this kind of sashimi is different from the other because tamago is made up of grilled egg the colour is yellow and it is still delicious. The Japanese omelette which is usually eats by many people.

Most of the time the you can seen sashimi is that pure meat together with side dishes but with tamago sashimi it is kind different an omelette and it made from egg,vinegar and sometimes soy sauce. This is a special kind of sashimi and many people love the taste and it can also eat together with other dish.

The tamago sashimi serve during breakfast,lunch or even dinner. There are many Japanese restaurants serve this kind of sashimi because it delicious and at the same time eggs are good in the body. The taste of this sashimi is a lot of combination that is why many customers fun to eat this kind of sashimi.

The Japanese tamago is in high quality so the tamago sashimi is guaranteed in good quality. The colour the all its ingredients make the customers amaze every time they will order a sashimi made by tamago. The grilled egg catch the attention of many food lovers and the reason they love to order it in the Japanese restaurants is that because they find it delicious and good.

Sashimi is one of the famous Japanese delicacies in Japan. That’s why many people have been eating sashimi for quite awhile. There are different kinds of sashimi therefore you have lots of choices. The best thing about sashimi is they prepare a high quality of fish to assure customer’s interest.