suzuki sashimi

suzuki sashimi

Suzuki is a famous fish around the world. Suzuki is also one of the famous fish to catch by many anglers. Suzuki is also called Japanese seabass. Suzuki is known in Japan because this kind of fish arises from Japan to the South China Sea. Suzuki has a fine and glow body which makes them attractive. They travel in the Pacific Ocean where they grow in deep sea. Suzuki type of fish can reach up to the length of 102cm. That’s why it is famous commercially as most catch fish. Suzuki has a lot of name depending of their age. Just like most fish, the name will change as they grow older.

When it reached at the age of three years and the body also reached about 60cm this will be time it is called Suzuki. Suzuki is a meaty fish and has soft flavour. Suzuki is very delicious and yummy, no wonder it is usually offer in Japanese restaurant as sashimi. As you know, sashimi is cut into thin pieces and it often eaten raw. There is also Suzuki sashimi which is also cut into thin pieces to make it as sashimi. Suzuki sashimi is another type of sashimi. Suzuki sashimi is served with mouth watering soy sauce, it is called ponzu. Ponzu is just a mild soy sauce with tasty flavour.

Actually, Suzuki sashimi is famous during summer because it is served with ice cubes in the plate to taste a cold and breezing Suzuki sashimi. Along with ponzu soy sauce and bed of ice cubes it also served with tangy shiso leaf made by Japanese chef and red pepper flakes. Suzuki sashimi is one of the best sashimi’s especially during summer time. Suzuki sashimi can be cooked in many ways and served with different kinds of seasoning or garnish. You must try Japanese Suzuki sashimi because they served the best suzui sashimi.

Suzuki sashimi has grown in popularity throughout the world. It is no doubt that many anglers have been hooking to catch Suzuki fish since it is in demand type of fish. Not to mention, Suzuki sashimi can be paired with sushi or just plain rice.