sushi without raw meat

sushi without raw meat

Sushi is a dish that is very famous in Japan and also some parts of the world. Most people when they think of Japanese cuisine sushi will first come out in their mind. Sushi is not a raw fish. The main ingredients of sushi is a rice either brown or white rice. The rice was flavoured with vinegar.

Sushi requires cooking not like in sashimi that all ingredients are raw. A dish without raw meat is sushi. The popular sushi is maki roll wherein it is wrapped with seaweed. There some try to put raw meat on top of the vinegared rice. But it doesn’t mean that sushi cannot be complete without raw meat coz it’s not true.

There are some people afraid to try raw meat because it has big risk eating raw meat. They believe that it much safe to eat sushi without raw meat all ingredients should be well cooked. Like in Nigiri sushi it will put a slice of fish on top of the vinegared rice. You can make sushi without raw meat. Sushi without Raw meat is not really the ingredients of sushi. Just cooked Japanese white or brown rice and flavoured it with vinegar. To complete the meal of sushi you can dip it in a soy sauce and a wasabi paste. Many foreigners eat sushi because it has a low calories compare to other pork dishes. Sushi is good for people who undergo weight loss.

Sushi is Japanese food that is so delicious and has different types and different presentation. Japanese will not be complete without sushi. A lot of different countries adopt their own version of sushi. Sushi is delicious with or without raw meat but raw meat is best for sashimi not so much with sushi. Sushi rolls is more popular that people always remember. The sushi rice is one of the reason sushi without raw meat is delicious and tasteful.