sushi without raw fish

sushi without raw fish

Sushi is not a sashimi. Sushi is cooked with vinegared rice mixed with vegetables or fruits. Sushi is also mixed with raw fish or cooked fish. There different types of sushi but the common sushi is a rolled sushi wrapped with seaweed. Sushi is a famous Japanese dish. It is very famous throughout the world. Many people have been eating sushi in Japanese restaurants. Sushi is a delicious Japanese dish because and will make you fully loaded because of the rice. Sushi is rich in calories but it is very delicious food. Sushi has a unique taste plus it would be more delicious with raw fish.

There is sushi without raw fish. Actually sushi is served without raw fish. There is some Japanese restaurants include raw fish in sushi. Well, it will depend on how you the way you cooked it. It will always depend in what taste you like or what kinds of ingredients you want to mix up. Sushi usually served with vegetables and fruits as what I mentioned above. Sushi without raw fish is commonly served in Japanese restaurants. Sashimi is considered as toppings but it’s not necessary. Sushi without raw fish is not prepared that way so you an option if you will order raw fish and sushi.

Actually, some people thought that sushi is prepared with raw fish especially in the western area. Sushi is just simple Japanese food consisting vinegared rice. Sushi without raw fish is typically not necessary because you have an option to cook it or eat with raw fish. Sushi is often served with wasabi to provide a powerful flavour. For me, sushi without raw fish is delicious but I rather eat sushi with raw fish. As you know, raw fish is good in our body but it comes with health risk at the same time.

You just have to be extra careful eating sushi with raw fish. Of course, Japanese restaurants make it sure they will serve a clean and well prepared raw fish. Well, it is recommend trying different taste of sushi without raw fish.