sushi varieties

sushi varieties

A sushi food is one of the successful foods of the Japanese cuisine. The sushi varieties like the maguro nigiri sushi. This is one of the favourite of many people because of the fish on top of the rice. The maguro nigiri is not expensive but still it will depend on the fish the chefs’ use. The salmon nigiri is also a kind of sushi that a lot of people love.

There so many sushi varieties that a Japanese restaurant have so that their customers has a lot of options which sushi they love to eat. Other kinds of sushi are the kappa maki the rice is rolled with seaweed and along with the rice is cucumber. Many people enjoyed eating this kind of food in fact maki sushi is one of the popular sushi.

The amaebi can be use for sushi. The sushi varieties conquer the Japanese restaurant and invaded different counties because sushi is delicious and at the same time it is good for the people who want to lose weight. The hamachi is also one of the sushi’s best it is in a maki sushi way rolled it together with rice and it taste so good.

The sushi varieties make the Japanese restaurant popular to other country. Although sushi didn’t originate in Japan since it was just introduce to them but later it becomes Japan’s number one dish coz Japanese chefs able to customize sushi and make it an extra ordinary dish in Japan and now you can able to eat sushi in different part of the world.

The ika nigiri, hotate nigiri,tai are only some of the types of sushi. There are still many kinds of sushi varieties of sushi which are very successful in the food industry. Many businessmen name their restaurant from sushi because they know that sushi is very popular and delicious and many people will be attracted to their restaurant.