sushi v sashimi

sushi v sashimi

Sushi and sashimi are both Japanese food. These two dishes have similarity with ingredients and procedure. Sushi is made by white cooked rice with toppings of a raw fish. Sushi also mixes with rice vinegar to complete the sushi dish. In Sashimi is made by a large raw fish. The meat will be slice and cut and it should make sure the meat of the fish is fresh and the preparation of the food should be in order.

If people will ask which of this two dishes are more delicious sushi or the sashimi dish? These questions will only answer by the one who eat the food. All people have its own preferences when it comes to food. Not all people have the same sense of taste of food. Each one of us have a tongue and nose to smell which of these two dishes you think taste good and delicious. For those people who love to eat rice for sure they would prefer sushi.

Sushi is being cooked with white rice not all of its ingredients is raw only the toppings is raw while in sashimi all of its ingredients is raw. Sashimi can me made not only for fish but you can make other sashimi seafood products like lobster and other fresh meat. The fresh meat to use for sashimi should be in high quality to avoid some problems since sashimi after you prepare it can eat directly compare to sushi that it has cooked rice.

Sushi is much known to other countries compare to sashimi though sashimi becomes now the favourite of many people. No doubt if sushi and sashimi is being compared because they are both made from Japan and sushi and sashimi are Japanese best dishes. Japanese are proud of these two dishes the sushi and sashimi. You can appreciate much of the sashimi if there’s a soy sauce and wasabi in sushi it can eat without soy sauce.

Sushi and sashimi is separate and different from each other. In sushi there a cook involves but in sashimi it is purely made by seafood meat and can be eaten raw. People get confused of these two dishes but the most important is sushi and sashimi is both delicious and good for the body.