sushi sashimi

sushi sashimi

There is no such cuisine or Japanese delicacy as sushi sashimi. Sushi and sashimi are two different types of Japanese delicacy or cuisine. There is a huge difference between a sushi and sashimi and number one is that a sashimi is a raw fish and meat while a sushi is only a raw fish mixed with different ingredients that adds more flavor and taste to it. Although both Japanese cuisines are very delicious and even people outside Japan would love to eat sushi and sashimi. The fact is that both are different and are served separately so there is no such thing as sushi sashimi since it is a different type of Japanese delicacy.

Most of the time, people are mistaken between a sushi and a sashimi especially those people who are not familiar with Japanese foods. By looking at the picture of it, you could also see a huge difference on how a sushi and sashimi are served in restaurants. Almost all Japanese restaurants all over the world serve sushi and sashimi and it is one of the people’s choices when it comes to dining. I can’t blame other people to have a mistake with sushi and sashimi but for those who tasted it, I am sure that they could really say the difference between the two famous Japanese cuisines.

Eating sushi and sashimi would make your Japanese dining experience perfect. I could say that if you are not able to taste sushi and sashimi once you’ve dine in a Japanese restaurant then your night is not complete or you haven’t really experience real Japanese foods. Sushi and sashimi are one of the famous Japanese cuisines not only in Japan but also all over the world. Both sushi and sashimi originated in Japan and they simply gave an idea to people that eating raw fish and raw meat is delicious and healthy. I’m sure not all people would love to eat raw foods but sushi and sashimi are simply the best raw food in the world. Of course it also depend on the restaurant and the quality of meat and fish that they are serving but most of the time, Japanese restaurants never fails to please your dining experience especially if you order sushi and sashimi.