sushi sashimi nigiri difference

sushi sashimi nigiri difference

All Japanese food has its differences and taste although all of them are delicious and yummy. The sushi sashimi nigiri difference is that the ingredient of sushi should have Japanese rice flavoured with vinegar and on top of the rice is a raw fish while with sashimi there is no rice the ingredients are seafood meat and sometimes chicken and horse meat and eaten raw.

The sushi sashimi nigiri difference is not a big deal to all food lovers because they find all the dishes very delicious and sumptuous. In sushi it involves cooking because the rice of nigiri sushi need to cook and the fish on top of the rice is either raw or cooked and most of the time on top of the vinegared rice is fish. The sashimi is thinly or thickly sliced.

When it comes to preparation the sushi sashimi nigiri difference it a little bit diffence since the sashimi the meat will be sliced proportionately arrange in the large bowl together with side dishes such like vegetables,ginger,fruits and others. With sushi nigiri can no other side dishes since the fish and the fish alone can be serve.

In choosing food it is very important to choose food that contains low fat and with high nutrients. The sushi sashimi nigiri difference with nutritional contents since the sushi contains more calories and carbohydrates since it serve with rice compare to sashimi that there is no rice there is no carbohydrates and it has omega acid that is good for the heart.

Although the Japanese cuisine has differences like sushi and sashimi they are still Japanese pride. They make it different from each other because they want their customers to have many options to choose which dishes they would prefer to eat either nigiri sushi or sashimi. Either of their dishes you will surely satisfy the taste and love to eat it every day.