sushi sashimi difference

sushi sashimi difference

Most of the time sushi and sashimi will always compare to each other. Some people believe sushi and sashimi are the same will in fact they have a big difference. Sushi is different from sashimi and same with sashimi it is also different from sushi although sushi and sashimi are both Japanese cuisine but these two dishes has a different ways of preparing.

It is easy to determine the difference of sushi and sashimi because sushi is made from Japanese rice either white or brown rice. Some ingredients of sushi is being cooked. In sashimi all ingredients are raw. The ingredients are seafood like salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab and others. All seafood meat will be slice thinly and directly put in the bowl. In sashimi chefs put some side dishes to make it more pleasant and flavourful.

Sushi and sashimi are both use soy sauce and wasabi paste to make it more tasty and delicious. There are people make the difference of sushi and sashimi harder. Sushi can be made with or without raw fish but with sashimi it requires being raw fish. You can still eat sashimi with rice but separately not like in sushi that rice is the main ingredients and it will only added some side dishes and the rice is vinegared rice. Although sushi and sashimi have differences they have also some similarities.

Both sushi and sashimi are healthy and delicious. Most of their ingredients are has low calories. Many countries prefer to eat sushi and sashimi because it has a low calories and it contains many nutrients and vitamins needed in the human body.
In sashimi it is best to use chopsticks because of its raw meat with sushi you can use chopsticks or hands since sushi has sticky rice and wrapped. It is easy to determine the difference of sushi and sashimi once you try eating it.