sushi rice types

sushi rice types

Sushi is one of the dishes of Japanese that being able to introduce different countries. And those countries they find sushi as one of the best food they ever tasted. Sushi is delicious based on those people who tasted. Some people went in a Japanese restaurants and order sushi. There are different sushi rice types that Japanese chefs prepared.

The main ingredients in making sushi are rice. The sushi rice type being use for making sushi is a special kind of rice. In Japan there two sushi rice types the ordinary rice and the glutinous rice. Japanese eat rice compare to other nationalities that doesn’t eat rice. In sushi mostly they use the white Japanese rice.

All types of sushi have vinegared rice. The rice of the sushi has flavour of vinegar. The rice used for making sushi either brown or white. Sushi will not be complete without rice. There are different types of sushi rice and all those types of sushi have vinegared rice. Some sushi on top of the vineyard rice has raw meat. This kind of sushi is called nigiri sushi. Raw meat is just an option for making sushi. Not like sashimi that all types are requires raw meat.

There are some sushi rice types that underneath the fish, vegetables and other garnish is Japanese sushi rice. The rice of the sushi is being cooked after that put it a plate together with other necessary ingredients for making sushi. Always remember sushi ingredients are rice, fish meat, vegetables and dip it in the soy sauce and wasabi paste.

If you want to buy sushi rice in the market better ask the type of rice for sushi so that you can able to create a perfect sushi dish. In US Tamaki gold is best sushi rice type for them. This kind of sushi rice will make sushi food more tasty and authentic.