sushi or sashimi

sushi or sashimi

If you were to choose between sushi or sashimi what will you choose? In my case it would be a very difficult choice because both sushi and sashimi are my favorite Japanese delicacy. Even people that loves to eat Japanese foods find it difficult to choose whether sushi or sashimi. To tell you the truth, sushi and sashimi are both very delicious that’s why it is very difficult to choose whether to go with sushi or sashimi. Both of these delicacy are made from raw fish and the best sushi or sashimi should come from a sushi and sashimi grade raw fish. Yes in order for you to experience the best sushi or sashimi it should be a sashimi grade or a sushi grade fish.

As you know, many people make a mistake about sushi or sashimi and I’m talking about those individuals who are not used in eating sushi or sashimi. Even if both of these Japanese delicacies are made from raw fish, only a sashimi could be made from a raw meat and sushi can’t be made from a raw meat because it is only made out of raw fish mixed with other ingredients and spices in order for it to taste good. The secret about making a sushi or sashimi is with its added ingredients that would certainly add flavor to it.

Sushi or sashimi are both great dishes. I simply love eating whether it is a sushi or a sashimi. There are a lot of restaurants that serves both sushi and sashimi because it is a very common Japanese delicacy. Even outside Japan, Japanese restaurants have sushi and sashimi mainly on their menu. If you want to experience real Japanese dining, then a sushi or sashimi should be on your dining table.

In my own opinion, both sushi and sashimi are delicious and healthy dishes. Both have exquisite flavor and taste. The restaurants all over the world are doing a great job in introducing sushi or sashimi to their customers. Even Japanese restaurants that are located from other countries are doing a remarkable job in making high quality sushi or sashimi.