sushi or sashimi difference

sushi or sashimi difference

Sushi and sashimi are one of the Japanese cuisines. There are some cases that people interchange the name of the menu. They are confused and make the two dishes similar well in fact sushi or sashimi difference might get people aware that sushi and sashimi have different characteristics though there some other kinds of sushi that have the same ingredients with sashimi but not all.

The sushi or sashimi difference might determine how to prepare the food. Sushi requires cooking since the main ingredients of sushi is rice mixed with vinegar. With sashimi there no cooking involves and rice is just an additional food not part of the ingredients of sashimi. People should always remember that sushi or sashimi difference might not affect the quality of the taste of the two dishes.

Sashimi and sushi have both side dishes with sushi other side dishes like vegetable sometimes are being cooked but with sashimi most of the time the vegetables and other garnish will always raw same with seafood used for preparing food. The hard part of determining sushi or sashimi difference is that there are some kinds of sushi that the meats they are using are raw like nigiri sushi that on top of the rice is raw fish meat but not all the time.

Both sushi and sashimi are delicious and healthy. These two dishes have low cholesterol and it has a high protein that very beneficial to the body. That’s one of the reasons western people love sushi and sashimi because it will help them lower down their cholesterol. Most of them have high fats in eating pork most of the time. In preparing sashimi and sushi the ingredients should be in high quality and always fresh.