sushi maki sashimi difference

sushi maki sashimi difference

Sushi is the most popular Japanese dishes in foreign countries. Sushi didn’t originate in Japan it was only introduced by China but now sushi will become Japan’s finest dish. Maki is one kind sushi the popular sushi. Maki is a kind of sushi where it was being rolled and wrapped by seaweed. The vinegared rice and other ingredients will be rolled.

The difference of maki sushi and sashimi is that sashimi will only be slice thinly and proportionately while in maki there is rice along with other ingredients. Maki sushi is not eaten raw not like in sashimi that all its ingredients are raw. The sashimi will garnished with vegetables and to make sashimi tastier you will use wasabi paste and soy sauce. Japanese has many techniques in creating maki sushi and sashimi though the difference of preparation is big but maki sushi and sashimi have a taste but all are delicious.

For those people who love to eat raw meat they would probably prefer to eat sashimi. The difference of sushi from sashimi is that with sashimi you able to taste the fresh and skin of the meat without cooking. You can choose to eat sashimi with rice or not but rice is not part of the ingredients of sashimi. The rice will be separately served while in sushi specifically maki rice is required and you will not eat it raw.

For those people who are lovers in eating rice better choose maki sushi because the rice being use in making maki sushi is flavourful through its vinegar. Another difference of maki sushi and sashimi is that sashimi has no carbohydrates since sashimi has no rice with maki sushi it has carbohydrates but still it has a low calories. Despite their differences maki sushi and sashimi are still Japan’s best food.