sushi is japanese food

sushi is japanese food

Sushi is a Japanese food. Sushi is a famous Japanese food and many people have been eating sushi for over a decade. Japanese people described sushi as a sour –tasting which it came from fermented food. Japanese restaurants always prepare sushi and there are different kinds of sushi. As you know, sushi is cooked with vinegared rice. Sushi is often combined with vegetables and meat. It is commonly combined with raw fish and paired with sauce. Historically, sushi is a traditional Japanese food and it was made in a wrapping fish. Today, Japanese chef experimented different kinds of sushi ingredients to make it more delicious and savour the flavour.

Sushi is a Japanese food where you can eat vinegared rice combined with vegetables, fresh vegetables and raw meat. There are different types of sushi such as Nigirizushi, makizushi and temaki. That’s why some people get confused about sushi and nigiri. Well, these types of sushi Japanese food vary in shape and its ingredients used but they have the same taste and how it was cooked. Actually, there are many form of sushi but the most common is the rolled sushi consist a vinegared rice with raw fish and vegetables in the middle. The most common raw fish used as ingredient in sushi Japanese food is sashimi.

Sushi is best served with soy sauce or wasabi. Sushi lovers have experienced to eat different types of sushi. Even if they are not Japanese, they also considered sushi as one of their favorite food. No wonder, there are many Japanese restaurant in other places. People will always crave for sushi because will definitely satisfy your cravings. Sushi is a Japanese food where you can eat raw fish like sashimi and experience a unique taste of food. Plus, sushi has a lot of garnish or side dish. For me, it is better to experience and eat different kinds of foods. Japanese foods are one of the best food especially sushi. You should look for the original sushi since there is also a western-sushi style.