sushi fish

sushi fish

Sushi is a very popular Japanese dish. It originated in Japan and of all the Japanese dishes; it is one of the most popular worldwide. Even foreigners would love to eat sushi. As you know, sushi is made from raw fish mixed with different ingredients, herbs and spices. There are various way on how to prepare a sushi and different restaurants offer different types of sushi. But most of the time, sushi could be mistaken with sashimi. Some people don’t even know the difference between the two. Actually there is a huge difference between a sushi and a sashimi. Yes both of them are made from raw fish but the difference is that sushi could only be made out of a raw fish while sashimi could be made from raw meat and fish.

When it comes to appearance, there is also a difference between the sushi fish and a sashimi fish. Aside from that, preparing a sushi is quite technical compared to sashimi. In my own opinion, I could say that it is much easy to prepare a sushi fish rather than a sashimi fish. But both sushi fish and sashimi fish really taste good. What’s more important is that the fish being used for a sushi should be very fresh in order to appreciate its flavor and taste. In the past, there are only a few people who loves sushi, basing on those people who are not from Japan and are not familiar what a sushi fish is. But right now, sushi fish is not a stranger in your dining experience because there are a lot of Japanese restaurants already and all Japanese restaurants do have a sushi fish in the menu.

Sushi is very delicious and eating raw fish could not harm you depending on its quality. Yes there is a quality for a sushi fish and certain regulations to follow. A sushi grade fish should be used in making a sushi not just ordinary fish. Its grade should be of high quality in order to ensure the quality of the sushi and its taste also. Aside from that, sushi is very famous all over the world because of its genuine taste. In my opinion, it is the most popular delicacy that Japanese people are known for.