sushi fish names

sushi fish names

There are a lot of sushi fish names and I am going to share to you only a few of the most famous sushi fish names available in restaurants and in the market right now. Sushi fish names are different classifications of sushi. In every restaurant you can find different sushi fish names in the menu. Sushi is very delicious and healthy to eat since it is made from raw fish, it should be served fresh and the fish should be sushi grade fish. One of the most common Japanese delicacy is the sushi. There are a lot of people that would love to eat sushi but some don’t know the different sushi fish names. There are common sushi fish names available and in this article I will be sharing to you the most common or the most popular sushi fish names available in different restaurants not only in Japan but all over the world.

Examples of sushi fish names is Aburi sushi or roasted sushi in English. Maki sushi is also another example of sushi fish names. Aji or the jack mackerel is also one example of common sushi fish names. Ayu is a sweetfish while Buri is a adult yellow tail. Isaki is a stripped pigfish and it is very popular sushi fish name. Ohyou is a halibut and it is very delicious sushi fish. Sake, shake is a Japanese salmon and as you know, salmon is very tasty if it will be made into sushi or even sashimi. There are lot of sushi fish names and these common fish names that I’ve mentioned in my article are simply very delicious based on my opinion and experience.

Eating sushi is indeed very healthy. Even if it is made from raw fish, there is really no problem about it. Only pregnant women are prohibited in eating sushi because of health concern issues. But all people could eat sushi without any problem. It is only up to you to choose what sushi fish names would you like to eat. Sushi is one of the best Japanese delicacy and it is very delicious and healthy to eat. In my own opinion, more and more people would have the idea about sushi fish names. It has become very popular right now and eating sushi is simply the best Japanese dining experience.