sushi and sashimi

sushi and sashimi

Some people might not understand sushi and sashimi because they often describe the two as one. Some will just say sushi is sashimi but it is incorrect. Sushi and sashimi are both Japanese food. Sushi and sashimi are one of the famous Japanese foods. That’s why people tend to commit mistakes in determining sushi and sashimi. There are lots of differences between sushi and sashimi. By just one look of the eye you can determine which is sushi and sashimi. Sushi and sashimi have lots in common but varies in meaning.

Sushi is cooked vinegared rice and mixed with various ingredients such as vegetables or raw meat. Sushi can be mixed up with sashimi but not all the time. Sushi is purely rice which is mixed with raw meat or cooked meat. It depends on how sushi is cooked. Sushi is wrapped with seaweed then vinegar rice and any additional ingredients in the center. Sushi is served with wasabi, ginger, soy sauce to add its powerful taste. Sushi has more calories because of the rice.

On the other hand, sashimi is a raw fish or meat which is cut into thin pieces. Sashimi is just pure raw fish. Salmon or tuna is a common sashimi. Sashimi is eat raw there is no rice it is just plain and simple sashimi. Sashimi is healthier there is no mixed ingredients. The important thing about sashimi it should use a high quality of fish. It must be cleaned properly and put in the freezer for too long to kill insects or parasites.

To conclude everything, sushi and sashimi are both delicious Japanese food. In fact, both can be served and pair it altogether. Pregnant women are not allowed to eat both sushi and sashimi because they contain raw fish for safety purposes. Overall, sushi and sashimi is not the same dish. Sushi and sashimi both exist in every Japanese cuisine.