sushi and sashimi difference

sushi and sashimi difference

Both Sushi and sashimi are famous food of Japanese. Many are confuse of these two dishes. Other people called sashimi as sushi and sushi can also be called as sashimi. Sushi is different with sashimi. These two dishes have a difference. One thing in common with these two dishes is that they are both best creation of Japanese people. Most of the time they are misinterpreted well in fact they have different presentation and taste.

The difference is sushi is not a raw fish rather sushi made by a white rice with vinegar and it also mixed by other important ingredients and raw fish is just part of the ingredients to make it tasty while sashimi is simply raw fish its main ingredients is fish like salmon, tuna and it can also made by any other seafood. Most people from country interchanged these two dishes. They get confuse with ingredients being use.

Raw fish is not the main ingredients of sushi but in sashimi raw fish is its main ingredients. Sushi is to be cook and rice is one of the major components while in sashimi it can be eat with or without rice as long as there’s a dipping sauce like wasabi and Kikkoman soy sauce. You will eat the sashimi through its flesh and with sushi you can feel its sour taste. With regards to nutrition sashimi is more healthier compare to sushi because the raw fish used in making sashimi is rich with omega 3 while in sushi it has rice that is rich carbohydrates but sometimes sushi has a mixed with raw fish.

Both sushi and sashimi has a healthy risk wherein sashimi is made by raw fish and after the fish catch in the ocean the fish will be cut thinly and add some side dish in plating and prepare for a soy sauce no need to cook the fish and its very dangerous because it can lead to food poisoning or stomach problem if the fish is no longer fresh. In sashimi the fish should maintain its freshness so bacteria will not attack in the meat of the fish.

In sushi though it involves cooking it still have some risk subtle to humans health. Rice is only one of the ingredients and vinegar. There are other ingredients include to make sushi perfect to eat. If sushi food is not will not properly prepare it will lead to food poisoning also and vomiting. This is one of the delicate part of cooking sushi and sashimi.