sushi and japanese food

sushi and japanese food

Sushi is a Japanese food. Its ingredients are vineyard rice. The rice being use in making sushi is either brown or white. Sushi became popular by so many people. Sushi is only introduced to Japan and now sushi becomes Japan’s best cuisine. There are so many different Japanese foods and sushi is one of the delicious and best Japanese foods.

Sushi can be made with or without raw fish not like in sashimi that the main ingredient is raw fish. There are so many kinds of sushi. Nigiri sushi is one of the popular sushi. The Maki sushi is a roll fish and with rice wrapped with seaweed. This is also popular kinds of sushi. When we think of Japanese food most people always think sushi. Sushi will be their number one choice. Sushi is very delicious and healthy to the body but with moderation since it has rice that is rich in carbohydrates.

Japanese food is the number choice of so many people not only Japanese but also foreigners. They love the taste and food presentation of the Japanese food. Like sushi it has a good plate presentation. From the looks of the sushi you can able to determine that sushi is delicious. It’s only easy to make sushi. You can even try making sushi at home. It has a simple procedure to follow.

Sushi is only one of the Japanese foods that catch the attention of many people. Sushi and other Japanese food bring pride to their country Japan. Japan has the best chefs because the taste of their food almost all is very delicious and yummy. One of the reasons is that there are so many Japanese restaurants nowadays open in different parts of the world. Sushi can easy to determine as one of the Japanese food.