squid sashimi

squid sashimi

Squid is not much known compare to tuna and salmon sashimi but today there is many other Japanese restaurants serve squid sashimi. Many gets shock and amaze seeing squid prepared in a raw style kind of food. You can see squid normally prepared in a well-cooked style.

Japanese chefs are very creative and doesn’t afraid to try new dish to introduce on their menu. They always make something unusual to their customers. Like squid sashimi you would never thought they can create this kind of food because it’s very prone to contamination because of the parasites.

Squid sashimi much properly prepare because squid is still prone to small worms and parasites. And these parasites can cause bad to human’s health. But with Japanese restaurants you can assure that they have a standard procedure in preparing the food. As they serve the squid sashimi there’s a 100% assurance of the quality of the food.

Like in other restaurants many people has a feedback in squid sashimi. There are some love the taste of the squid sashimi since you can really taste of the freshness of the squid when it serve raw but there some other customers prepare to eat squid if it’s well cooked. The meat of the squid is something chewy and hard to bite.

Eating squid sashimi is very exciting and at the same time enjoying because squid sashimi is a kind of dish that all ingredients are raw and fresh. There many people love to eat raw rather than well-cooked that is why sashimi is one of their best options when it comes to raw food. Squid sashimi is also one of the delicious types of sashimi.