serving sushi

serving sushi

In Japan and some parts of the world there are so many Japanese restaurants serving sushi. Outside Japan sushi is much popular and easy to determine by foreign people. In serving sushi it doesn’t mean it is raw. It can be raw or not but like nigiri sushi the fish on top can be raw or not like in sashimi that all meat and other side dishes are eaten raw.

Like sashimi sushi also used different seafood ingredients like fish, shrimp and squid. The nigiri sushi is a kind of sushi that on top of the vinegared rice is a slice of fish. Fish like salmon or tuna. Sushi has a different presentation it depends on the chef preparing if what artistic techniques he will use for the preparation of sushi. In serving sushi Japanese make sure that they will able to arrange the ingredients in the bowl properly so that customers will get attracted from presentation alone.

To make the serving of sushi perfect it should dip a soy sauce and a wasabi paste. The most popular sushi is the maki sushi. The maki sushi it is a kind of sushi that is being rolled and wrapped with seaweed. Rice and other ingredients are rolled with seaweed. Many people love to eat this kind of sushi and they find it very delicious. Many foreign people choose sushi because it is healthy and with low calories.

After the maki sushi rolled and wrapped it will cut and divide. It’s best eating serving sushi using hands rather than chopsticks. Sushi can be done at home. You can buy ingredients in the supermarket. Just make sure the ingredients you will buy are on good quality like the fish on top of the vinegared rice. If you will use raw meat on top of the vinegared rice make sure that the meat is still fresh because sushi is still prone for contamination. To be able to experience delicious homemade sushis make sure follow all the instruction of sushi.