seafood sashimi

seafood sashimi

Seafood Sashimi is to be best Japanese appetizer. The leading ingredients of sashimi are seafood. All seafood can be made for sashimi but with limitation. The seafood should be in high quality. Seafood like fish, lobster and shrimp are some of the seafood’s for sashimi. Sashimi is eaten raw so all seafood should be prepared raw.

Seafood sashimi is very famous in Japan. This is one of the leading raw foods in Japan. In making sashimi make sure that the tuna, salmon should be in high quality. The meat of fish will matter of sashimi. You cannot say that sashimi is delicious if the meat of the sashimi is not fresh. In choosing right seafood for sashimi make sure that seafood product was highly preserved.

Seafood like tuna includes Bluefin, yellowtail, and bonito and in salmon, scallops will also include in making sashimi. The seafood used for sashimi makes that the tuna and salmon is fresh and the meat has an oily skin. Seafood sashimi is prone in bacteria and parasites that can cause a sashimi food contaminated.

There are people decided their food to cook because raw food is very dangerous to health if it’s not properly prepared. Raw food is not good for pregnant women and children. In preparing sashimi chef should be more focus on the freshness of the meat. The seafood sashimi should be properly frozen so that the parasites and bacteria will not enter in the seafood meat.

In catching seafood the one who catch the seafood should prepare a frozen ice the fish will put directly to the box full of ice. Sashimi is expensive compare to a regular dish.