seafood raw

seafood raw

There is much seafood raw that serves in a different ways. Seafood raw is one of the favourite foods being served by many. Many restaurants serve seafood products because they know that many customers were really love to eat this kind of food. Seafood’s like fish, shrimp, lobster and many. Many people love to choose this kind of food cook or raw because seafood contain many vitamins and nutrients that our body needed.

Many Japanese people love to eat seafood raw food. In Japan raw food is one of their specialties. They serve raw foods like sashimi. Sashimi is the number one seafood raw that eaten raw. There other people who question the safety of eating raw seafood. For them eating raw food is not safe. There might be a possibility that it can cause food poisoning and can affect with salmonella. It is true that there is a high risk of eating raw food. If raw seafood cannot properly prepare there’s a possibility that it can cause stomach pain, illness and vomiting. Raw food would not be advisable for children and pregnant women.

Maybe because some people don’t trust seafood raw because of the environment today that oceans, seas and lakes are very polluted. There’s a possibility that the seafood they catch might not fresh. It’s very delicate if the person experienced in food poisoning. So some better choose the food to be well cooked rather than eating raw. For healthy organization just want a safety precautions to restaurants serving raw foods.

I don’t mean that all raw food is no longer eaten. To avoid contamination in the raw food it should make sure to the one preparing the food that the seafood meat should be properly prepared, freeze and still maintain the freshness of the meat. So far Japanese cuisine maintains to serve raw seafood in most of their menu.