sea urchin sashimi

sea urchin sashimi

To be honest I haven’t tasted a sea urchin sashimi because most of the time when I go to a Japanese restaurant, I order a sea urchin sushi and I am just very curious about this sea urchin sashimi. I even don’t know if it’s possible to make a sashimi out of a sea urchin. I find it exotic and rare to make a sea urchin sashimi. A lot of people are saying that sea urchin sashimi is very delicious and other might say that it is even far more delicious than a sea urchin sushi. Now I’m getting very interested to taste a sea urchin sashimi because just by basing on the reviews of the consumers, definitely sea urchin sashimi is a must try. It is very tasty and healthy at the same time so I wonder how it really tastes like because I have never experienced eating a sea urchin sashimi.

We all know that sashimi is made out of a raw fish or pork but with sea urchin I became curious with that idea. Actually there are several restaurants in Japan that serves sea urchin sashimi tough it is not that popular yet but by basing on the reviews of the people, it sounds very delicious and very pleasing to hear. I did not hear a negative comment about sea urchin sashimi so that proves that it is really a good type of sashimi. I am looking forward in tasting a sea urchin sashimi one of these days. What makes me curious about a sea urchin sashimi is that how is it made and about its availability in the market. I mean there are only a few food that could be made out of a sea urchin and its demand in the market is less. That’s why there are only a few restaurants in Japan that have a sea urchin sashimi in the menu because the demand is less.

Right now some people are saying that sea urchin sashimi is really tasty. Maybe one of these days I would love to try eating a sea urchin sashimi and see for myself if it is really tasty or not. But I believe that in my own opinion, sea urchins are really tasty because even a sea urchin sushi is very delicious, how much more if it’s a sashimi.