sashimi tuna salad

sashimi tuna salad

Most of the time sashimi is being prepared by a fish. The fish will be thinly slice and arrange in a large bowl together and garnish with vegetables and garlic. That is the basic preparation of sashimi well in fact you can make sashimi tuna salad. This dish is other types of sashimi but in this kind of food its uses more ingredients like cucumber, salad green, lime juice and others.

In sashimi tuna salad you will also need olive and sesame oil to make it more flavourful. Still the tuna prepared raw and no cooking is involved. Just prepared all necessary ingredients and put it in a large bowl arranges it to make it more delicious and presentable. Make sure the tuna is fresh and always check the quality of the fish.

There some sashimi tuna salad that they will put avocado and peanut as part of the ingredients. Actually it’s up to the one preparing the salad what other side ingredients he wants to put as long as there is a fresh tuna which is proportionately slice and arrange in the bowl. With these the simple tuna meat if you make it salad it will make more delicious.

The sashimi tuna salad is good for diet. All ingredients contains minerals and vitamins but still eat it with moderation and not too much. There are some restaurants they will put mangoes and tomatoes to make it more attractive and delicious. The tuna meat together with green leaves and fruits will make a perfect meal.

In preparing all the ingredients of the tuna salad make sure that all are properly wash and fresh. Eating salad with sashimi might still contain bacteria to the meat or the vegetables and fruits so make sure double check before you arrange it is a bowl. It looks simple to prepare a salad especially if you already knew the ingredients and procedures.