sashimi toro

sashimi toro

A sashimi toro is a underbelly of a tuna and sashimi toro has become quite popular these days. But mostly, toro is used as sushi and not as sashimi but still different chefs from various restaurants are now using toro in their sashimi dish. Sashimi toro is also very delicious but the critical part is on how you are going to prepare the toro. Since it is the underbelly of a tuna, it should be cut perfectly and firmly. This requires a lot of skill and experience before you are going to be perfect with it and aside from that this also requires you to have a very sharp sashimi knife.

If you are a sashimi lover, you would definitely recognize sashimi toro and be able to tell that it is really delicious. Since sushi toro is more popular than sashimi toro, restaurant owners are doing a great job right now in making sashimi toro also a desired dish based on the menu. Simply make sure that you are able to serve a sashimi grade toro and you will be able to slice it perfectly. Well it is the job of the chefs for that matter but if you want to make your own sashimi toro at home, then you need to make a bit of research about the other ingredients that you need to add for your sashimi toro.

Sashimi toro comes with a very special sauce also. As you know, the sashimi sauce of any type of sashimi is one of the highlight of the dish. Most sashimi are spicy because of the wasabi sauce but there are also sashimi’s that are not spicy and it only depends to the restaurant or the menu of the restaurant whether you would like to eat a spicy sashimi toro or simply a plain and original sashimi toro.

In my own opinion, it is not that difficult to make a sashimi toro because tuna is very abundant in the local market. The fact simply remains that toro is mainly used in sushi and not in sashimi but despite that fact, sashimi toro still remains to be very delicious and still a lot of people wants to eat it.