sashimi sushi

sashimi sushi

There is a huge difference between a sashimi and a sushi. They are not the same because a sashimi is made out of raw fish and meat while a sushi is only made from a raw fish. There is no sushi that is made from a raw meat otherwise it is called as sashimi if it is made from a raw meat. But both Japanese delicacies are very delicious although at first, sushi became more popular than a sashimi and in most cases, people who are not familiar with Japanese cuisines and delicacies often have a mistake in determining a sashimi from a sushi. But in reality, sashimi and sushi are different types of delicacies or Japanese dish.

Now in 2014, hundreds or even thousands of restaurants all over the world are serving sashimi and sushi. It is always number one in the menu of a Japanese restaurant. Because of its taste, sashimi and sushi became popular not only in Japan but in neighboring Asian countries as well. In my own opinion, I could still say that the best Japanese restaurant that offers sashimi and sushi are located in Japan since it is the place of origin of both dishes. But still those restaurants that are having sashimi and sushi on their menu still tastes very good especially high quality restaurants all over the world.

If I were to choose between a sashimi an sushi, honestly I would have a difficult choice. Both sashimi and sushi are very delicious but I think given a chance to choose at least one I will go with sashimi. Since sashimi could be made both meat and fish I think it has a greater advantage compared to sushi. You could create different types of sashimi given different types of meat and fish. In short, sashimi is such a versatile dish but still a sushi is very delicious. Every time I dine in a Japanese restaurant I do always have both in my dining table. Sashimi and sushi are simply one of the best Japanese foods there is in the entire world and we are lucky enough to experience these dishes. The Japanese people are doing a great job in making their delicacy known worldwide.