sashimi sushi nigiri

sashimi sushi nigiri

The sashimi sushi nigiris are dishes known to be delicious and these dishes came from Japanese cuisine. The Japanese cuisine is one of the popular cuisines in the whole world. They have best dishes that have delicious taste that many people love not only Japanese people but also non Japanese people. The Japanese chef has a unique talent to make the simple dish into an extra ordinary.

There are other people especially the first timers and got confuse with sashimi sushi nigiri with regards to its meaning and what are its ingredients. The nigiri sushi is made by a vinegared rice and on top on it a fresh fish meat. A nigiri sushi is not a raw food but sashimi is a raw dish. They have big difference with each other especially with the ingredients.

For those non Japanese people it is hard for them at first to identify sashimi sushi nigiri because it sounds the same but well in fact they are not the same and they have own different ingredients. One thing you have to remember that nigiri is a kind of sushi and a sushi is very popular in Japan and outside Japan. To all Japanese cuisine sushi can easily remember.

Before eating Japanese cuisines make sure you’ve done a little research about the food and what are its ingredients so that you can have an a little idea what sashimi sushi nigiri is. The meat use for sashimi is mostly seafood’s like fish, shrimp, crabs and sometimes horse and chicken meat. Always remember in sashimi there is no rice.

In nigiri sushi the rice is the main component of making sushi. Without rice the nigiri sushi will not be form. The meat and vinegared rice will combine along with side dishes to make it nice presentation and it gives tastier to eat. The sashimi is simply raw no cook involves and there is no rice the sashimi can be eaten with rice but it’s not part of the ingredients.