sashimi sushi difference

sashimi sushi difference

The sashimi sushi difference like the food presentation with sashimi it is just a seafood meat thinly slice and arrange it in the bog bowl together with side dishes like vegetables put some ginger and black pepper to make the meat tastier. The sashimi is eaten raw there is no cooking in sashimi compare to nigiri that it has a rice flavoured with vinegar.

The nigiri is a kind of sushi. There are different kinds of sushi like nigiri and maki sushi. The sushi is one of the popular dishes in Japan though it was not originated in Japan because sushi was only introduced to Japan but now sushi becomes Japan’s pride. With sashimi sushi difference you can easily determine from the ingredients use.

If you try to compare the food presentation of sashimi sushi difference is very obvious. The sushi involves cooking because the rice need to well cooked and the fish on top of the rice can be raw or cooked. The difference of Japanese dishes can be identifying through checking the exact ingredients of the dishes. There are people who are confused of the dishes it is because they looks and sounds they same but they are not.

In way of eating sashimi sushi difference could be by using by hands or by chopsticks because a sushi can eaten using hands or by chopsticks but it is effective and you can feel more delicious if you will use your hands and press the rice with fish on top with sashimi the meat are raw and to avoid some problems like bacteria on the hands better use chopsticks.

There are many differences of sushi and sashimi but the bottom line is that they are both delicious and will give you full satisfaction once you tried eating this kind of dishes from Japanese cuisine. The Japanese has the best chefs a talented and passionate in terms of cooking and the nigiri sushi and sashimi is one of their masterpieces that can be proud of.