sashimi sashimi

sashimi sashimi

Sashimi by far is one of the most popular Japanese delicacies. In the past, sashimi is not that known and often times it could be mistaken with sushi. But there is a huge difference between a sushi and a sashimi and people should not be confused with the two Japanese delicacies. Sashimi is made from raw meat or fish while a sushi is only made from a raw fish. Sashimi is delicious and so is sushi. But if I were to choose between the two I would go for sashimi because I love eating sashimi. Sashimi has been known globally because of modernization and it has a good stand in the market as well because of its demand from the customers worldwide.

Japanese restaurants are now scattered all over the world but in my own opinion, I could really say that the best sashimi is located in restaurants in Japan. Yes since sashimi originated in Japan, Japanese people do have the skill to make the perfect sashimi. Although neighboring Asian countries like Singapore also have high quality sashimi. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Singapore and I could say that the quality of sashimi that they are selling is the same in restaurants in Japan. More and more people are starting to like sashimi. Because of commercials, sashimi have been known as one of the best Japanese delicacy that’s why people are craving for sashimi every time they visit a Japanese restaurant.

Sashimi is very delicious and even if it is made from raw fish or meat, it still has a genuine taste. It is very healthy to eat sashimi and it is very delicious. In my own opinion, sashimi is a regular dish in a Japanese menu but in order for you to experience Japanese dining then you should at least have a sashimi on your plate. There are some limitations in eating sashimi because pregnant women are prohibited to eat sashimi since it is raw. Just for safety purposes but even kids could eat sashimi and it is very delicious and tasty. The best sashimi is made from a high grade fish. The quality of the fish or meat is also very important in order to produce a perfect sashimi.