sashimi salmon recipe

sashimi salmon recipe

There are several steps in sashimi salmon recipe for you to achieve a perfect sashimi just simply follow the steps. First you need to buy a fresh salmon on the supermarket make sure that the salmon you buy is fresh and with high quality because the sashimi taste will matter if the meat is no longer fresh. There are a lot of salmon meats in the supermarket.

There are salmon in the supermarket that is already slicing so it’s much convenient on your part since it takes time to slice the salmon meat. In sashimi salmon recipe it is very important that the meat is properly sliced about more or less ¼ thick. Once you buy the meat in the supermarket after you buy it make sure that you will store it the high temperature freeze so that the bacteria will be remove in the skin and in the meat.

In making sashimi salmon recipe at home you need to be extra careful always have a clean knife and other utensil because the sashimi is eaten raw there is no cooking in sashimi or even put in the hot pan so make sure you know what you are doing especially in slicing the meat and other ingredients like the vegetables some put fruits in the other side.

After you already prepare the ingredients in the sashimi salmon recipe you need to arrange all ingredients in a large bowl. Arrange the meat properly and at the same time the side dishes and to complete the salmon sashimi put the wasabi paste and the soy sauce this will add to become a good taste sashimi. It will add flavour to the flesh of the meat.

There are people who are fun in making their own preparation of sashimi but home sashimi might be a little risk compare to a restaurant that the chefs are professional in preparing the food. A raw meat is easily attack by bacteria so the one preparing the food should know how to be got away those bacteria.