sashimi salad

sashimi salad

Sashimi salad is also one way of serving a sashimi. It is a new type of sashimi that has been invented by famous Japanese chefs. Right now we could also see different types of sashimi salad all over Japanese restaurants not only in Japan but all over the world as well. The concept for this recipe is to mix vegetables with sashimi. Since sashimi could be made out of raw fish or meat, the customer could choose whether it is a sashimi meat salad or a sashimi fish salad. Either way it is very delicious and healthy to eat since it is mixed with vegetables and different kinds of ingredients that makes it even more tasty and delicious to eat. For sure a sashimi salad would delight your senses and makes it an easy lunch or dinner. The secret about sashimi salad is that it should contain ponzu which is a famous Japanese dressing usually for sushi and sashimi only.

Most vegetables that are included in a sashimi salad recipe are cucumber, radish and carrots. Toasted sesame seeds are usually added in a sashimi salad recipe. Adding fresh shredded ginger and red chili seeds will add more flavor on your sashimi salad. But of course in a sashimi salad recipe, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and sesame oil should be present in order to make your sashimi salad delicious and healthy. Eating sashimi salad is very healthy even if it is made from a raw fish and raw meat. The addition of vegetables simply makes the sashimi delicious to eat and it is good for lunch or dinner. Though sashimi salad is not that common but right now, more and more restaurants are adding it to their menu.

In the past, sashimi is not that familiar because it is often mistaken as sushi but right now people could tell the difference between a sushi and a sashimi. Sashimi salad is also another type of recipe for a sashimi. The thing about the sashimi salad is that its vegetables should be fresh and the fish or meat being used for the sashimi should be high grade. Sashimi salad is very delicious.