sashimi salad recipe

sashimi salad recipe

If you want to eat healthy kind of food better choose sashimi salad. Sashimi salad is best for diet. All its ingredients are good for the body. Sashimi salad is best to eat after you eat your meal. Sashimi salad is a light kind of food. It will not give you too much heavy on your stomach. The recipe in making sashimi salad is just simple. It’s easy to make a sashimi salad at home. You can make sashimi salad at home and just follow the recipe in your cooking book.

The sashimi salad recipe is salmon fish, soy sauce, grape seed, lettuce, cucumber, sesame seeds. The amount and teaspoon you need in sashimi salad depends on the quantity you make. You may also use avocado and pepper. You will just simply mix the ingredients in the bowl and serve. Same a regular sashimi dish sashimi salad also eat raw and all its ingredients eaten raw but with sashimi salad recipe involves many ingredients and more green leafy ingredients.

You can easily find and follow the sashimi salad recipe. Bear in mind in making sashimi salad all ingredients should be fresh and well clean before you put in the bowl. Combine all ingredients and follow necessary procedure so that you can come up with a perfect and delicious sashimi salad. Sashimi salad is good in human’s body it contains vitamins and nutrients so that the body will energize and full of required nutrients needed in a body.

You can find the sashimi salad recipe online or simply buy a recipe book for you to follow and create a perfect sashimi salad. To avoid hassle you can simply go to a restaurant specifically Japanese restaurant for sure they cater sashimi salad because this is one of the saleable appetizers of most Japanese. Most Japanese are health conscious so sashimi salad is fit for those people who are health conscious.

To start making sashimi salads checks your sashimi salad recipe and go to a supermarket buy necessary ingredients focus on fruits and vegetables. In salmon make sure the salmon is fresh and with high quality kind of fish to avoid food poisoning.