sashimi sake

sashimi sake

In Japanese restaurants there are so many types of sashimi and this sashimi has different prices it will depend on the kind of fish meat use. The sashimi sake is one of the delicious sashimi in Japanese restaurants. The salmon or the sake is one of the largest fish in the ocean and it contains a high protein not only protein it also contains omega acids needed in the heart. It is also very good for diet and you can easily lose your weight.

If you will visit Japanese restaurants you will always find the sashimi sake in the menu list because this is one of the known sashimi and at the same time it has good meat texture and the colour is very good for sashimi. The Japanese chefs are very good in slicing the meat of sake. They will slice it thick and thin and the slices are proportion to look good in the plate.

To make the sashimi sake safe to eat the meat should maintain its freshness because the quality of the meat is very important in making sashimi. In order to maintain the freshness of the meat at the same time the no bacteria in the skin and meat it is very important that it will be freeze in a high temperature. Te sashimi is a raw food and a raw food is made by raw meat which is prone to food contamination.

The sashimi sake has a tender and fatty meat and it is good in making sashimi. Once you will eat the flesh of the sake you will surely satisfy with the taste on it. Some chefs will customize the sashimi they will put many side dishes or mix by sushi food in one plate. In a Japanese restaurant they have many delicious sashimis.