sashimi rolls

sashimi rolls

Most of the time the sashimi can be in plate presentation just a sliced and arrange it in the bowl not like with sushi but now there is already sashimi rolls another style created by Japanese chefs to make it not unusual to the eyes of the customers. Like sushi the meat roll but it has no rice there is a vegetables roll over.

There are other restaurant that the sashimi rolls are very creative wherein they put in the roll fruits and vegetables together with the meat. The presentation is very nice and it’s very healthy to the body. There is no cooking in sashimi so all its ingredients are to be prepared raw and fresh. The meat should be very fresh free from any bacteria and at the same time the vegetables also.

The sashimi rolls now is one of the high demand in the Japanese restaurants because people could able to taste the mix ingredients of meat and vegetables. The soy sauce is still needed in to complement the taste of the raw meat. There salmon vegetable rolls and they also use many different kinds of meat.

There are other restaurants that serve both the sushi rolls and the sashimi rolls combine in one plate. This is one of the favourite combo meals that customers order because they could able to taste the both sushi and sashimi in one order the only difference is sushi roll with rice flavoured with vinegar while sashimi is all raw and no rice in the roll.