sashimi roll

sashimi roll

Sashimi Roll is another style for preparing sashimi. When we say roll most of the time sushi will comes out in our mind but today sashimi will be prepared also into roll. Like sushi the sashimi rolled with seaweed and sashimi roll can be complete meal with miso soup. The meat used for making sashimi roll is like tuna, crab, salmon and other seafood meat.

With sashimi roll the ingredients are purely meat of the fish or crab but with sushi there’s rice rolled over the meat. The meat of the sashimi should be sliced thinly and proportionately. The chef should create a style that makes customers amaze. Normally sashimi prepared in a sliced style different slice style but Japanese created sashimi roll to make it look different. As you know, Japanese love to experiment new things like new set of recipe.

If there’s a sushi roll there is also a sashimi roll. The only difference is that sashimi roll doesn’t need any rice for the preparation. All ingredients are raw it will rolled raw no cooking. With sushi roll there’s always cooking. Many people get confused with sashimi and sushi especially that some of the preparations look like the same. So don’t get confused with these two delicious food.

Sashimi roll is delicious same other sashimi flavour. Like other sashimi the preparation of the sashimi should be monitor. The freshness and the quality of the meat should maintain to avoid health problems. To complete the delicious taste of sashimi add some sauce and wasabi paste. Sashimi roll is another favourite of many because of its different style and presents.