sashimi rice

sashimi rice

Sashimi rice is not applicable because sashimi is served without rice. Only a sushi is served with rice and you cannot find a menu in any Japanese restaurant that says sashimi rice. Sashimi and sushi are two different Japanese delicacies. Most people are confused with it especially foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese delicacies. Sashimi rice is not a type of sashimi simply because a sashimi is served without rice not most of the time but all the time. Only a sushi is served with rice. That’s the difference between a sashimi and a sushi aside from the raw meat. A sushi is made from raw fish while a sashimi is made from raw fish and raw meat, even beef strips could be made into sashimi.

Sashimi rice is a mistake, there is no such delicacy as sashimi rice. But you can eat sashimi with rice but in the restaurant, a sashimi is not served with rice. Sashimi is very delicious and has become very popular these days. In almost every Japanese restaurant you can find sashimi in the menu. But you can never find sashimi rice in the menu of these Japanese restaurants because sashimi is served without rice.

Sashimi is very delicious and is one of the best Japanese delicacies available in the market today. It should be made from a sashimi grade fish or meat. Aside from that the freshness of the meat or fish should be meet upon serving to the customers. Sashimi is one of those Japanese delicacies that became very popular right now. The restaurant owners are doing a good job in making sashimi more and more popular. In the past there are only a few people that would love to eat sashimi but right now, the number of people that are eating sashimi are increasing.

In my own opinion, sashimi is the best Japanese delicacy. Although there are a lot of Japanese delicacies but sashimi remains to be on top of the ladder in my own opinion. It is indeed very healthy and very delicious to eat even though it is made from raw fish and meat.