sashimi recipe

sashimi recipe

Many countries today cooked sashimi specialty. It a kind of raw fish and put some other ingredients to make it more delicious. This food originated in Japan. The Japanese created this kind of food and now well known to other countries. Countries like China, Singapore and United States.

The sashimi has a standard sashimi recipe but some cooked it with different varieties. Its ingredients are soy sauce, fresh lime juice, orange juice, slices of salmon. It should be cut into 2 inch squares additional ingredients are fresh ginger. A snipped chives is needed and a grape seed oil. To complete the ingredients is the roasted sesame seeds and cilantro leaves.

The amount being use of the ingredients depends on how many sashimi food you will make. To combine all ingredients you need a small bowl. First mixed soy sauce and orange juices. In a separate bowl toss the salmon with soy sauce and then drain. In a plate the salmon should be arrange and top with ginger and chive.

In a saucepan heat more or less the grape seed oil with sesame oil high heat until smoking. Pour the hot oil over the salmon pieces. Put the soy citrus sauce using spoon. And lastly add the roasted sesame seeds and cilantro leaves. And after all these procedure the sashimi is ready to serve. This is one of the best sashimi recipe of all time.

The secret of sashimi recipe is the freshness of the raw fish. In Japan where Sashimi first originated has a separate cut of the fish in the market for sashimi. The fish is cut into rectangular slices and the quality of the fish well preserve. The sashimi is serve raw so the FDA so they impose rules that the freshness of the fish should at the highest standards. Sashimi is a ready to eat food and the FDA is strict when it comes to health issues.